What Are Explorers?

The Explorers are an organization whose goal is to familiarize teenagers with the Emergency Medical and Fire Services. The Explorers are a stepping stone for those who wish to become Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, or Firefighters. They have a wide variety of training and programs that can prepare them for this type of public service. Explorers will train you in leadership and organizational ability. The post will also help to build character and, most of all, will build new friendships.

Here are a few common questions people have about Mdewakanton Public Safety Explorer Post:

Do the Explorers have to fight fire?
The Explorer Post will train in fire suppression, but at no time will they be allowed to go into a burning building. There are, however, numerous tasks that go on outside the fire which firefighters inside the building rely upon and supervised Explorers can do.

How do Explorers get trained?
Mdewakanton Public Safety has professionals in all aspects of fire suppression, medical services, and emergency management. Each Explorer will get the opportunity to learn from these valuable resources.

How often do they meet?
The Fire Explorer Post meets every other week for approximately three hours. Special training is offered at various other times. We will vote on the day and start time of all our meetings on the first night as a post.

Is an Explorer ever put into a dangerous situation?
No. It is against Mdewakanton Public Safety policy for any Explorer to enter into any type of hostile or potentially dangerous environment.