Multi-Functional SMSC Mobile Unit

The Mobile Unit is a combined project of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community's Health Department and Mdewakanton Public Safety. The Mobile Units serves as a Mobile Medical Clinic and an Incident Command Center.

The Mobile Unit consists of two radiology suites: one for mammography and one for chest x-rays. These suites are fitted with state-of-the-art digital systems providing screenings for breast and lung cancer. The Mobile Unit also has a laboratory to screen patients for prostate cancer, diabetes, and a larger open space which can serve multiple functions; such as a temporary dental clinic, an emergency medical treatment area or a meeting area for tactical planning in cases of a large scale emergency.

The emergency response component includes radio, telephone, satellite, and visual recording of the emergency scene with an electronic medical record process. The emergency response component of this unit will allow us to become a leader in both local and regional emergency preparedness.

The goal of this project is to reach Native American communities and offer quality health care services. With the Mobile Unit going to their communities, Native Americans will be offered preventive health screenings, which in turn will allow early detection of disease and improve life expectancy.