House Burn Provides Valuable Training

Mdewakanton Public Safety ventured into house on fire. But this time, they were the ones to ignite it. MPS trained for the real thing, using a donated house, for more than 300 hours over 15 days.

The group trained on search and rescue, situational awareness, below grade attack, above grade attack, and at grade attack with hose management as the main objective and ventilation. They had the privilege of training with the Savage Fire Engine 11, which has Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) capabilities. MPS’ new Quint Fire Apparatus will be equipped with this new feature.

“All these trainings were invaluable, as having actual structures to train in are becoming fewer and fewer each year,” said MPS Captain Ken Deja. “A special thank you to Shakopee fire for allowing us this rare opportunity.”

The Shakopee and Savage fire departments donated the house and provided the fire engine. Thank you to our neighbors in public safety.